They Aren’t pressing charges

Time to drink a bottle of wine and puke till the tears stop


Drinking was a bad idea

Talking openly to my class mates was a bad idea. Everyone says I’m being taken advantage of, that I need therapy. People think I need a independent man, but independent men with lots of money and good confidence leave me. I’m not going to talk about t, but drinking brings him right back. I’m trying not to cry. I think I’ll just go on ignore mode for the night and keep to myself, my head hurts and I’m tired of being scared. Maybe I should just be alone. To much of a mess for people right now.

Pay out and puppy

It’s been a bit from when I last updated. Tomorrow will mark a week that I’ve been in the states.

I received my new guide dog on Monday. He is a yellow lab and he is great at his job. He is very different from Cici but very easy to manage and a lot of fun.

While here I received my pay out from the union change. At first I was just going to save the money, but then I thpught why not do something I will enjoy.

I’m going to Egypt! I’ve always wanted to go. I just can’t believe I’m actuality going to be doing it. The plan is to go in April.


Walking out of the office with you for the last time today hit me hard. I don’t think I have let it sink in that come Monday I will have a new guide.

We have been through so much together you and I. From the first time I met you you have always made me feel so secure when I am out on my own. You calm my anxiety and i have found myself crying in to your fur more times then I care to admit.

You are always so happy to see me, even if I’m frazzled. You handle every life change that comes your way with a wagging tail and so much joy. Your happy just to be by my side.

I remember when we came home togeghwf all those years ago and you would wiggle your way in to my lap. I purchased a special bean bag chair just for us to cuddle on.

We went to Vegas where you hamed it up at all the shops. I believe we even saw phantom together. You went with my little black dress just right.

You held the rings at my wedding, and walked proud beside me when I left that chapter behind.

You came along to the hospital when Evan was born, and even tolerated being posed for new born pictures with him.

You let the kids climb all over you. I think in a way you have taken them on as your own. You always keep us safe.

From the first moment I picked up your handle to all these years later you have made me proud. You have shown me this world is not so scairy after all. You have shown me unconditional love at its purest form, you have always been there when I need a hug, or help calming down, and I love you deeply for it

Today was your last day of work and your so oblivious, just snoozing on your bed. I hope you enjoy retired life as much as I have enjoyed all these years with you by my side.