Daily Prompt: Born to Be With you

Taking the plunge in to online dating can lead to a lot of attention. When I joined plenty of fish over 6 years ago it was a joke. I wasn’t looking for anyone, and I didn’t have any expectations.

When I first met Bryan there was no instant attraction, no fireworks, and absolutely no long term relationship thoughts. We were 2 people meeting for coffee, and we could not be any more different!

I am a very blunt person, always first to speak up. Bryan at the time, was very shy, quiet, and reserved. I thrive in social gatherings and spent many a night hanging out with my friends. Bryan likes to watch mind rotting reality tv!!

One coffee led to hours of conversation, that les to living common law, that led to buying a house. We got married! Sold and purchased another house, and made a baby!

He calms me down, I bring him out of his shell. He makes me laugh and listens to everything I say, i give him all of me. We gave each other a child, and the vow to spend our life’s together. Funny how you find love when your not looking

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Jumping back in!

Perhaps a new blogging platform where a few of my friends are will give me the motivation to keep me updating. My life has changed in so many ways that it is easy for me to get out of touch with the little things like writing, but I really do think they are important to keep up with.

I am a blind first time mother to my son Evan. When he was born I told myself I would write a blog about parenting blind and all it’s unique situations that would surely arise, but i never got around to it, and now E is 10 months old!

Everything happened so fast, never when it’s happening, but suddenly a year has almost gone! He is truly a good baby. We were very lucky with him. With in a few weeks home from the hospital he was sleeping through the night! He is always happy, and is very healthy.

At this point in my motherhood journey I don’t have many interesting things to report on from a blind perspective. I know like any new mom when he came home I was scared, but it truly does come naturally. I sometimes get caught up in thinking I might not do something right, but is there any wrong way? A parents love is enough to make up for a lack of vision