A relaxing family weekend

We spent it up at the lake with my husbands parents. We did a ton of walking and were e outside a lot. Evan got a toy bunny from grandma for Easter and he loves it! I didn’t get him anything this year as he is to young for much of anything.

At this point my focus is on figuring out what I am going to do for his birthday! I can’t believe he will be 1 on May 22!! Time has gone way to fast! I know I am going to make him a monkey cake, but at this point that’s my only idea.

I plan to try and update more once I get a Bluetooth keyboard for my phone. Typing on here is a test of my patience!


A nice week

The sun has been out for most of it, so I took the time to enjoy it. I groomed my guide dog in the back yard when Evan played in his jumper outside, I went for a few walks, and to the park a few times.

Today was the first time I walked to the park on my own with just Evan and his stroller. It’s not possible to use a guide dog and a stroller, so it was a bit interesting going out on my own. I hung my cane off the front of the stroller so people would see it just so they would know I am blind.

I do have quite a lot of useable vision in my left yes so the hesitation is never if I will be able to see enough. I just want people around me to know, now more so with the baby.

The trip to the park was fun though. Every time we go to leave Evan always puts up a huge fuss though. When he is all settled in his stroller he settles down fast enough thankfully.

This weekend should see just as much sun so I am looking forward to it. More walks in the sun to the park I think đŸ™‚ We are also getting Easter pictures done. I am looking forward to a new family photo. Continue reading

Land of Confusion

Most people probably make the assumption that for me as a blind student meant making it through high school would take a extra year. Getting all the classroom materials in to a accessible format in order for me to use them was often a frustrating task in itself.

Thinking back on it its surprising to me that I handled it so well. Most teachers were so unorganized that we would often be scrambling the day before to get lesson materials ready for the next day, only receiving them fr the teacher that afternoon.

I was able to make it through high school in the same amount of time as all the other students, no extra year required. Regardless though, no subject made me more stressed out then math.

I could understand it up to a point, but I still have vivid memories of me and my teacher going over it for hours after school. Try looking at a diagram of a shape, a complicated one with multiple angles and heights. Now how would that work if you couldn’t see the diagram?

In Braille math books they would raise the lines of those diagrams on the paper, and stick the measurements in Braille wherever they would fit. The end result was a bunch of clutter that was hard to make much out of.

I remember my teacher would physically make the shapes for me from construction paper, and stick the Braille measurements to the actual sides of the now truly 3d shape. It was because of all her efforts that I made it through math. Countless hours and lots of frustration later but I made it through!