Bringing back date night

After a bunch of rough days and a lot of thinking me and B have decided to try to liven things up a bit by trying to set aside a night a week just for us. We were doing this for a while when E was first born, but as most things do when you have a child it was pushed to the side. We would always do a dinner and a movie type of deal so I think always doing the same thing all the time made it rather tedious as well.


Tonight we were planning to go to the Lady Gaga concert but she caught bronchitis and it has been moved until August 9th. Seeing as we already had made arrangements for E to be looked after tonight though we decided to do something anyways, and it’s not dinner and a movie! 


We are going to take the bus and sky train to Vancouver and go to a cooking expo at BC Place. Don’t let the title make it sound duller then it is though. Apparently there will be a bunch of food to sample, and a bunch of wine to drink as well. I think there should be shopping and some demonstrations as well. 


All in all though it sounds like it will be a fun night, and it really has been a long time sense me and B got out for a extended period just the two of us. With going back to work on Monday I want to make the most out of this last weekend.


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