the cooking expo

We ended up having a blast! It felt like time just flew past, because when we looked at the clock 2 and a half hours had already gone by. We had plenty of samples from cheese to chocolate, coffee and tea, and even some caviar for Bryan. He couldn’t get me to try that no matter how hard he tried. 


The drink selection wasn’t lacking either! I found a ginger beer that I actually like! I found this really good chocolate red wine combination that I enjoyed tonight over some vanilla ice cream. I also had a maple cream drink that was amazing, as well as a really good iced wine!


By the time we arrived back home it was around 10:30 and E was already in bed. We talked with Bryan’s parents and filled them in on all the fun goings on of the night and then headed to bed soon after they left.


I guess they tired little E out because he did not wake up this morning until nearly 10! That gave us just enough time to feed him his breakfast and head out to drop Cici off at the groomers. I wanted to get her smelling nice before we head back to work. That has been changed to Tuesday so I have a bit of a extended weekend!


When she was getting all clean we went for coffee with his parents. It was so nice out today that we wanted to spend most or as much of it as we could outdoors. We walked home from the coffee shop a hour or so later and then picked up the dog. E napped so it gave Bryan a opportunity to do some much needed grocery shopping! We joined in for the second half of the trip that consisted of picking up meat and some of the above mentioned alcohol.


The rest of the night was spent enjoying the out doors with a family BBQ. The time just flew past and before we knew it it was time for E to have his bed time bottle! Speaking of E, I forgot to say that he has officially started furniture walking! Of course it was because he wanted daddy’s iPhone but whatever gets him to walk on his own is good enough for me! It’s a good thing I decided to order some bumble bells for him, I think we will be needing them very soon!