Love you mommy

He is growing up. My little baby is not so little any more. Today I looked back through old videos of his first few months in this world. I relived his first roll, laugh, bite of pablum, and much more. Looking back made me miss those times, for when I could cuddle him in my bed, or keep him amused for hours with a single toy.

I reflected on all this when Bryan went to pick him up from his grandparents. We had just enjoyed a few hours on our own for a nice meal and ended the night looking back. When they came home we went about the nightly normal stuff. A baba and a toothbrush for Evan. The slow unwinding for me and Bryan knowing we made it through another day

All was done. I gave Evan his goodnight kiss and hug. I said night night, and as is normal he said it back. Then I said love you. And my son gave me the best gift

Love you mommy. He leaned in for another hug. My heart swelled. With 3 words my son stole my heart all over again. In the minutes that followed I no longer felt missed the times he was a baby. I missed those 3 words from moments before. I wanted to capture them forever to play again and again. I do not wish to have my little baby back, if I am lucky enough to have those 3 words again tomorrow, I have everything I need.