Unconditional love 

Unconditional love. 
From the moment I saw a plus I felt it’s stirrings. A mixture of excitement for who you would be and the things you would do. 
From the moment i felt your smallest movements as you grew inside me and my body changed to house you, my love swelled as well.
From the moment when you were pulled from my body and placed against my skin, and we touched in this new world to you. 
From that moment on I knew no other bond will be as strong as the one I have for you.
In these last two years you have shown me a level of selflessness I did not know I had. A little hand in mine or a laugh or smile from you is all I need to forget my worries.
Your still so young and yet some days I feel I should be thanking you for all the joy you bring me. 
I love you with all my heart and I am blessed to have such a caring little boy as my son to show this big world to. Thank you for stumbling along with your silly sometimes impatient and sometimes strict half blind mom. I’m sure you will repay the favour when your older. Just remember, the sence of humour came from me! 
I know this is early but after work tomorrow mm world will revolve around you buddy. Happy birthday! I love you