We purchased it off Craigslist just a few months after you were born. I wanted something comfortable to sit in while I attempted to learn how to breast feed you.
When your dad and papa carried it in to the house I was hesitant, it was bigger then we expected so it took us a while to find it a spot. It dwarfed me and you when we first sat in it, but it accommodated my breast feeding pillow so we gave it a chance. 

When we were unable to get you to latch I spent lots of time pumping in our chair. We used it to prop you up to take some pictures when you were still to young to sit up on your own, and we spent many nights snuggled up in it while you slept or drank your bottle. 

Time has passed and your not so little any more, but our oversized rocking chair still holds us both. You came to me today and sat beside me and with in moments you were asleep. You may be growing up but some things will always be just mine and yours. 



Your growing and your world is changing 

In just a few months you will be 3, and with this new year of your life comes many exciting changes. Some, I am sure you won’t understand just how much will change your life, but you are resilient and adaptable and I promise it will be worth it. 
Preschool will be new to you at first in September. You might cry when mommy and daddy leave you the first time. But know when I don’t pause to look back, and nag your father to just keep walking it is with only the best intentions for you. I believe with all of me once you get past the initial discomfort of us leaving you that you will have a blast with your soon to be friends. Know that we will only be a few minutes away and we will be there if it becomes to much for you, we will always come. 
Sylvia your little sister might be another change you show initial resistance to. You speak of her often but I know you can’t grasp the full concept of her growing in my tummy. You might not know it yet, but I’m sure there will be times you wish it was just us again. Know that though she might take up some of my time, my love for you both is equal. She might cry in the night and make mommy grumpy some days, but know I love you even though I may be short with you. 
I know you have no concept of how much in my heart i hope for you to be the brother to her I wish I had. I know you will shine at it and you won’t even realize your doing it. With your love to help, and your gentle guidance she will love and look up to you. Know that through the years you may fight, siblings do, but her love for you will be unconditional just as mine is for you. 
Remember buddy everyone makes mistakes, look at them as life’s stepping stones. We are all still learning every day but we will be beside you every step of the way.