We purchased it off Craigslist just a few months after you were born. I wanted something comfortable to sit in while I attempted to learn how to breast feed you.
When your dad and papa carried it in to the house I was hesitant, it was bigger then we expected so it took us a while to find it a spot. It dwarfed me and you when we first sat in it, but it accommodated my breast feeding pillow so we gave it a chance. 

When we were unable to get you to latch I spent lots of time pumping in our chair. We used it to prop you up to take some pictures when you were still to young to sit up on your own, and we spent many nights snuggled up in it while you slept or drank your bottle. 

Time has passed and your not so little any more, but our oversized rocking chair still holds us both. You came to me today and sat beside me and with in moments you were asleep. You may be growing up but some things will always be just mine and yours. 



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