The new sky train 

Today was a really good day! Not only was I able to get some Evan free time with Bryan this morning, but I was also able to get some very successful guide work in with Cici. 
Evan has been so excited about the new sky train opening here so we decided to check it out today. I figured it would be a good time to try and learn the route with Cici as well. So after lunch with the baby strapped to my chest we all headed out
The route is really easy. If I leave from Lafarge station it’s mostly a straight line. It has 2 lighted and 2 smaller unlighted crossings. As I don’t have my pass yet I just called a sky train attendant and they opened the gate for me and made sure I got on the right train. I think I’ll take the train from Lafarge to coquitlam centre instead of walking there, that way I don’t have to wait for construction to finish.
We met up with my dads mom once at lougheed mall. This time we took the train there as I thought E would like to see the tunnel.
We had lunch and then I picked out some clothes for Sylvia at oshkosh. I love that store and once they move to the new place in lougheed it will be really easy to get to from the sky train. I really enjoyed picking out her clothes. I called the store before I went and made sure someone would be able to help me find stuff and read tags. It worked out great and I found her 2 dresses and 2 sleepers for Xmas. 
It rained on the way home, but all in all it was a really good day! I hope to use the new sky train more and be able to get out and see more people.