And you say 

You should really try to find satisfaction in the life you have instead of wanting more.
Who talked to other women and lined them uplike dominos to fall at your feet with the touch of your hand?
How dare you say this to me when it was you showed me it could be so different. You who is now content, apparently, with someone new. Why do you say such stupid hurtful blunt lies. Why do you always run off? Fuck those words!
Every day I try to “make do” I try for my kids and my well being because I was only just a play thing to?you. When I trembled when you touched my skin from the force pf you, from the complete terror of letting go, you only saw it as a ego stroke. You could play my body like all the others, now you know what my moans sound like, curiosity satisfied, level complete. 
You broke me. For anyone to follow, to anyone who wants the fragments you left behind. I can’t let go again. I can’t get lost in another’s touch, I’m numb to everything.
Be happy with what you have you say. I ache for what I will never have again 


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