I meant to post this yesterday 

It speaks volumes I had to reread my last post to figure out it has not even bend 2 weeks for me and Z. This coming Saturday will bring fhat mile stone. I still can’t believe it! Every time I am around that man I feel like I have received the gift to top all gifts! Every time he tells me something new I feel lucky to share his time and thoughts. Things are going amazingly well and my days are spent feeling for the most part happy. 
Things with E are a little difficult at times. Considering y he is only 4 he is handling things as good as to be expected. I think in the long run resiliency will be a valuable tool and he will pull through the divorce. He is really taken with Z and I think seeing me so happy helps him manage all his own emotions. The house should be sold in the next few weeks and then I will be able to start my fresh chapter. 


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