It didn’t take long 

You filled me with fakereassurances and literaly left me in your bed. You didn’t have the courage to leave me before taking me back to your place and having your way. You told me you adapt to what people need in your mind. Was the entire time with me just you doing so? You haven’t said a word to me all day, and I doubt you will speak to me again. You are a new level of low and your insecurity issues are the universes way of rewarding you for being garbage! 


One thought on “It didn’t take long 

  1. elshara July 25, 2017 / 5:34 pm

    Some people don’t understand what it means to be compassionate.
    Some people don’t realize caring is about give and take.
    There’s no such thing as giving up…if you feel someone is circling the drain, let the relationship go, the past be what it is. And focus on the now. The future is but a dream until the now can become a sole focus.

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