Getting there 

The house has sold! I wish this meant things could move forward for me, but it looks like I’m going to be stuck in limbo even longer. 
At least I have found someone to go through it with me. After the gong show of Z I was really jaded and scared. He left me with a hell of a lot more then hurt feelings. T has taken it all in stride though. He doesn’t calm me through text, or with words, but with his actions. When he pets my hair and holds me close it’s all that’s needed to put me at ease. In terms of the physical connection we have, that’s amazing as well. He isn’t arrogant but is able to take charge of me in such a way where I feel safe and loved, not dirty and used. Even in our passion he puts me at ease. He has met the kids a few times now and he says he is here for the long haul. This blows my mind.
I go back to work on the 9th of August. This year has held so much change for me, it’s bitter sweet. I can’t believe S will be one soon! I hope things continue to get better for all of us 


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