1 month 

It’s crazy to think how much can happen to two people in just a month. In just 30 days I have grown to love you. In just 4 weeks you have taken all my self doubt and stripped it from me with the same gentleness as when you first removed my clothing.
We first connected on a Friday night, it was a frantic phone conversation full of the chaos of my life. The kids were getting picked up and I babbled like a idiot. I was nervous even then because of your profile. I babbled and you listened to me in all my chaos as the kids were picked up. We talked for hours. 
The first time you came to me I didn’t know what to expect, but when you came with drinks for us both you put me at ease. We did those 30 questions and talked in person for most of the day. We met my friend and had dinner and ice cream together. When I first walked beside you I felt the strength of your presence. 
When I gave you my body I surprised myself with the confidence I showed. Only in looking back do I realize the lingerie was part of the plan. Phantom will always hold a place in my mind and heart for us. My spirit was moved by the music that night but you woke it up with your passion. 
It was a Friday when I thought I would loose you. I had to expose something that shook me to my core and humiliated me. You could have left me, but it was on that Friday you told me you loved me. I let go and lost myself in your comfort from then on. You are my safe place and my sounding board. Your my lover and protector. I can’t want to see the future we make together. 


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