Taking comfort 

This week has been a roller coaster. Friday was especially busy. I had my first counselling appointment as well as a hair appointment to get my hair returned back to its normal color. Both went well.
The session with the counsellor was surprisingly productive. She told me about something called a fear ladder and that together with my partner I could work to strengthen myself against the things that trigger me. She also told me I already have a lot of tools I use to help me cope and that we should try to focus in on what is causing the anxiety and triggers instead of giving me tools to prevent them. I left the session feeling excited to have something to try.
When I was done with my hair and waxing T came over. I filled him in about the counselling session and what she had to say and he was happy to try and help me as best as he could. After that we decided to go for dinner to Bobby Sox and meet up with L. I think we all had a lot of fun, and I’m very happy to have such supportive friends around me.
When we came home from dinner we watched a few  episodea of Oreville. We both thought it was surprisingly good. Not so much a comedy as more of a drama/comedy.
 After the show we decided to head up to bed and test out triggering me. It went surprisingly well, I didn’t turn into a ball of trembling nerves this time. I did almost cry, but he was able to talk me down and bring me back to a place of calm. All in all I would say that it was a success.
Saturday was a blissful day of snuggling and relaxing in bed for the most part. Yesterday night we ended up going over to see L A few of her friends for dinner. We ended up staying quite late and playing cards against humanity. It was a blast!
We got home we ended up watching one episode of American horror story before heading to bed. I’m not really sure how I feel about the season so far. I don’t know if they should’ve gotten politics involved, but it is interesting and I will give it a few more episodes before I make my final opinion.
 When we woke up this morning we walked to McDonald’s for breakfast, and then to booster juice. Before he left he ended up reassuring me that he would come back and we are doing better. I know I have made my mistakes, but I do feel like going forward things are only going to get better for us both.


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