This week has been rough so far. E has been especially difficult. One night he kept coming out of his room, and yesterday he had a huge tantrum when B dropped him off. When it’s rough with the kids i really miss having a partner beside me. 
Navigating tantrums and stretching myself so thin with out someone to lean on is rough. T has been really sweet through text and does his best to support me through text. While I appreciate it deeply, I’m eager for the day when we can fully function as a team. 
The last two nights I have not been sleeping well. I’m so used to sharing my bed with T that when he isn’t here it just doesn’t feel right. The way we sleep always touching, I love it. 
Tomorrow the kids leave in the morning, I was able to have a extra night with them so I can see them tomorrow morning. After that I think the plan is to spend some time with L and T. I’m looking forward to dinner with my friends and my love for my birthday. 


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