The perfection of security is so amazing. Things have been going so well I feel like one day I’ll wake up and be grasping for these times. We fit so well together in so many ways. I feel like I’ve waited for this for so long. 
I was worried how things would go when T saw the kids again. I had anxiety that he would, for one reason or another, feel like it was to much and pull back from me. He didn’t though and now that all the drama has passed we can just be together and it’s fantastic. 
I went so long with so many things missing. Now that I have all ive wanted it’s hard to accept I am worthy of it. I’m not putting him on a pedestal, he really just does balance me out. He has seen me at my most vulnerable and at my lowest point and he is still here. I’ll never understand why. 
Watching him play with S last night filled me with so much more love for him. When we went to bed and he filled my mind with complements it was everything I could to not to cry and just accept them. Self worth issues are a long battle, but he makes all my doubts I held about my body go away. When he holds me in his arms, I feel worthy then. It’s when I think I doubt myself. 
I want nothing more then to be enough for him. I hope I can make him feel even half of the happiness he makes me feel. 
Life is funny. I never thought I would have found everything I need in a partner. I have been told over and over that no one will check all my boxes. I know things will be hard, but with him for all the love and joy he brings my way, I will always fight for him, I hope he will fight when things get rough as well. The good times will always outweigh the bad with a love like this. 


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