How dare you

T didn’t block me he said he wanted to help if I needed it I told him I wouldn’t need his help ever again. I asked how he was doing. He said

How I feel most of the time.

Am I doing okay? I have no idea. But, I haven’t cleaned my room since I got back, I am nursing a bottle of whiskey each night. Not getting drunk, just nursing. Also going back to what is familiar, slowly reconnecting with Karen, looking to reconnect with Diana. Etc.


I walked away from a friend he said only caused negativity, and yet he can run back to the girl who couldn’t make up her mind for 4 Year’s if she wanted to be his fuck busy or partner. Do as I say, not as I do.

I hid in the bathroom at work and solved for another 10 minutes over him. How could he be so stupid? At this point I think he caused the back and forth with these women.

I hope his alcohol and empty fucks keep him warm at night. He has no one but himself to blame for the lack of purpose he has in his so called life. Fuck them till it’s real and then run away. He is the only one to blame for his lack of emotional intelligence.

Go on keeping your head in the sand. Never reflect and grow as a person. Eventually everyone will leave you, and you will be left with your solitude and the broken little boy you have made out of yourself. You can stay right where you are. The world will keep on turning. You might fall behind, but it’s not like anything matters anyways, right?

I love playing with you. Time you found a new pawn in the twisted game of your life.


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